Friends. New and Old.

This week has been full of fun spending time with our first visitors.  Marvin, Emily, Jamie, and Joe have come to enjoy the beauty that is Cozumel, and of course, good company with old friends.

We spent most of our time visiting many of the beaches around Cozumel.


We visited both the north and south ends of the west side of the island.   And also spent a day the east side.  There was some wonderful snorkeling.   Emily was even wandering out quite far into the sea!  Sea creatures are not her thing!


We also had to spend a lot of time crammed in our little car.  While Joe was here, we had six people to fit in the car.  Normally it would of been quite the sight to see us all pile in and out of the car.  But around Cozumel its pretty common to cram people into cars.  AND mopeds.  We are going to mount our gopro on the dash to get some pictures and videos of the entire families riding on a moped!   I quickly had to learn to drive over “topes” (speed bumps) at an angle.  We nailed a couple speed bumps dragging the bottom of the car across it.  Kinda felt like we left pieces of our car behind.  But the speed bumps here come in all shapes and sizes.  Sometimes they are small like we have in Iowa, but some are HUGE!  At least 1ft tall and are as wide as cross walk.  I was a little worried they would be just the right width that the wheels would straddle it and we would be stuck hanging there in the middle of the road.  Glad that never happened!

Our congregation also had a fun party for the kids.  There was a “Payaso”.  We would think of it as a clown.  The kids really loved it.  They rented a place that had a pool, and large covered area to sit and eat.  We really enjoy making new friends here in Cozumel.  Everyone has been so helpful, and wonderfully nice!


My friend Libne’s dad grilled an entire pig for the occasion.  The preparation is called cohinita.  I was told its a common dish from the Yucatan area.  And it was reeeealy good!  I wish I could send some back for everyone to try.

Another first for us here on the island was to go see a movie.  Wow!  The theater is really nice!  Tickets were about $4 USD.  That is the normal evening price for movies.  You pick your seats when you buy the tickets, something new for us.  The screens were way bigger and the seats reclined.  The popcorn was really good.  For our combo that came with a large popcorn, large drink, and jumbo hot dog it was about $8.50 USD.  AND, if you want to upgrade to all caramel corn it only costs about .27 cents USD.  They also have other flavors.  We invited some more new friends.  Two of our neighbors, Carina and Sara.



We also took everyone to some of our favorite restaurants, and tried some new ones.   The Casa Mission is very good for breakfast and had some pretty birds, and good tequila.
And of course our favorite, Chilangos for the 30 peso huaraches.


It was really nice to have our friends come visit.  Sadly with the quick pace of life, often we don’t realize how much we miss people until you can’t see them any more.  We look forward to getting to know our new friends and seeing more of our old friends if they come to visit.

I like the way Mark Twain wrote about it:

“When we think of friends, and call their faces out of the shadows, and their voices out of the echoes that faint along the corridors of memory, and do it without knowing why save that we love to do it, we content ourselves that that friendship is a Reality, and not a Fancy–that it is builded upon a rock, and not upon the sands that dissolve away with the ebbing tides and carry their monuments with them.”




Blog Credits::
Author- Johnathan Paxton
Photography- Brandi Paxton, Johnathan Paxton, Marvin Loya, Emily Loya, Joe Riahi, Jamie Riahi.

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  1. Friends, you are eloquent in your word usage.
    Brand- I’m not only so happy that you saw Emily, but that she saw you- her precious friend. Hoping the yr will pass quickly.
    I will enjoy reading your journeys as you endeavor in your service to Jehovah.
    With our love and prayers too you both- Agape-your friends.

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