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We wanted to share an exciting event from this week with you. Brandi happened to be surfing on the Facebook and noticed a recent post from Adrian Cozumel. You can imagine her excitement to see the following post….

Brandi’s fingers quickly sprung into action and she happened to be the first person to volunteer. Thus, we got a snorkeling trip for…..FREE! Woo-hoo! Free is one of the greatest words you can hear when you’re living on a budget. We hoped that it really was free, Not free like “Free*” (* read the fine print) Or free like samples at Sam’s Club on Sundays. We didn’t really think there would be a catch since we often saw Adrian post on the Facebook group Cozumel 4 you about tours and he is well rated here on the island for tours, fishing, and snorkeling. The next day we had to meet at the marina on the south side of town. It was a little bit tricky to find since there was no signs about where it is, or where to go, but thanks to a map that Adrien had sent us, eventually we found it. Just a gravel parking lot just past where the cruise ships park.

I’ll admit I was a little apprehensive about the “free” trip as we walked up. So we cautiously looked for boat named Andiamo 1. Eventually after a wandering around, the boat was found. We all got permission to come aboard and thankfully Adrian quickly explained that it really was free! After a quick safety review, we were off to the beautiful ocean.

Our first stop was not very far from the marina. We got our gear on and hopped in the warm water. It never gets old to see how crystal clear the water is. Its really is amazing.

Its also incredible how packed full of life it is. One little rock on the bottom doesn’t look like much, but when you get close you can observe how its full of beautiful corals, fish, and other life.

It was pretty easy to float along since the current moved us along the shore over the incredible views. Eventually we floated really close the all the cruise ships. It’s amazing that these can even float.

After this Adrian offered drinks, and fresh fruit to get us ready for the next snorkeling area.
We also passed really close the cruise ships. Its hard to get the true sense of the size of these in the pictures though…

Our next stop was an area with artificial reefs. Its was so beautiful! We even ran across a few divers along the way.

Our guide Adrian was the best. He was funny, and also educated us on the island of Cozumel, but also the ecosystem. You could immediately tell that he enjoyed the sea. He would swim around and get video and pictures from the bottom of the sea of us with our gopro. For example there are figures at the bottom of the sea in one spot, as well as an underwater video camera.

His passion was really contagious. I would highly recommend Adrian if you come to Cozumel. It was a wonderful opportunity for us, and we really appreciate his generosity. You can check out his info here…
Adrian Cozumel

Blog Credits: Author- Johnathan Paxton;  Photography- Brandi Paxton & Johnathan Paxton, Adrián Cozumel

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