Guest Post: This trip rocked my world……. by Dony

This trip rocked my world……..
A mother is always wanting to make sure her children are safe and secure. So being a mom, off I traveled to be reassured and see my kids current home in Mexico.

Of course I could go on about the beauty of the beaches and turquoise water and warm weather. But right away you see that life is so different from how we live in the states.

As we left the the tourist area you drive into such areas of poverty! Oh my goodness it’s so different from what we are used to! My kids certainly do not live in the tourist areas, they live with the locals. Though they have a small simple apartment with basic necessities, they are very satisfied with what they have. It made me realize their sacrifices they have made for spiritual pursuits.

The sites, sounds and smells of the neighborhood were intriguing by venders calling out selling their wares, bread, water, gas or the dogs barking, howling. I have to mention at this point….that every tiny home has a dog pound in it. On the roofs or popping out at you like a jack in the box barking as you walk by. Scared me to death. That would take some getting used to in service!!!

I was spared being homesick by the appearance of a little kitty recently adopted by the tenants. She would come running as she heard me call or the door opening. She soon loved a warm lap and kitty snacks.

Island life is calming and interesting. One morning we watched as a man trimmed the coconut trees by the apartment. And of course we just had to have some fresh coconuts to eat. Yummy

We have so much even beyond our basic needs. So I learned the lesson of 2 sheets to the wind . When you use the bathroom you use 2 sheets of toilet paper that’s it. I’m not sure if it’s a plumbing issue or the cost of paper, but it wasn’t my usual wadding it up to the size of a baseball.

Food is my next favorite subject. It is so good. So many places to try. The menu doesn’t change a lot in variety but little street vendors and restaurants have their own style of flavor. You can tell if their food is good by the long lines of the locals waiting to order. I loved the Gorditas and tortas and homemade chips . A word of caution about their hot sauce. First I have to say “I love hot stuff”. But with the first taste the burn is all consuming from the lips then the tongue and cheeks. Followed by the Novocain effect. Is my face drooping?

On a sweeter note ……a dear friend Crystal gave me a cooking lesson on making these Mexican cookies. They remind me of pie crust with sugar in them. Over she came with ingredients to Brandi‘s and we made up a batch. Of course no measuring😳. Brandi fried them in a skillet as Crystal and I used our fingers to press between a sheet of plastic. Even had a few for my trip home. Lovely memory,😍

The friends are so warm and kind. They are so happy, even those that have difficult circumstances. Some of the friends decided to entertain us at breakfast. And did they ever! Lots of singing , dancing with mariachi musicians. It lasted 2 1/2 hours of fun.

There is an unbelievable need for Kingdom Halls. They have the zeal but not the finances. We …who have the finances can help equalize by donating to help in not just Mexico, but other countries.
So yes ….my kids have sacrificed a lot …..too many to enumerate, but look what they are receiving. A simple life of basic necessities to focus on expanding their ministry. While I feel like I had a break from the rat race….they set a shining example to me to contemplate what do we really need. I am truly humbled. -Dony

Thank you Ma for contributing to the blog. We had a lot of fun showing you around and now you know first hand what we do on a daily basis and some of the adventures we get to experience. One thing that comes to mind is a night that some friends invited us over and you were inquiring about what we are going to do, what we are going to eat, how long do you think we will be there. I remember telling you that it’s always an adventure and you just need to give in and go with the flow because we never know what to expect. That is our daily life, go with the flow, don’t have expectations.

The other thing you got to experience with us is the constant water issue in our apartment. If it’s not the water jug in the water cooler leaking it’s coming out of a wall outlet, if it’s not that then it’s our shower leaking everywhere. There is always water! Everywhere! You learned really quickly that we have a stack of towels dedicated to just water leaks, that way you have a shower towel for the next day.

I know you said we weren’t going to talk about the beaches but I have some beach photos to show so here ya go….

You got to experience the fabulous way laundry is done here. Never gets old….

And don’t forget the talk of the town, the big news on the island, the boat that got washed ashore during El Norte….

I’m glad you didn’t get to experience the Montezuma’s revenge like Brandi though.

We miss you and we will see you and the rest of the family in February!

Blog Credits:
Author- Dony Paxton
Photography- Dony Paxton, Johnathan Paxton, Brandi Paxton
Music- Mariachi band


  1. Wonderful guest blog post. I love it that food is Dony’s second favorite topic only to the uncomfortably small consumption of toilet paper (wadding up to the size of a baseball – hilarious and so true). What a great mom for visiting and making sure her children are not suffering and are, in fact doing rather well. Yes, we are all very proud and just a tad, no, extremely envious of the simple life you lead – water leaks and all.
    Love, Dawn and Michael and Ollie

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